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A browser-based app that takes the pain out of designing typography for the web.

Designers can view, pair and compare web fonts in the browser on full-length text without having to create screenshots, assemble comps or hand-code their CSS.

Its range of visual controls gives them the freedom to style those typefaces in precise detail (judging by eye as they work), and as they design, standards-compliant code is produced behind the scenes.

We believe that as devices proliferate, screens shrink and sites become more responsive, typographic decisions become even more important and influential on site success.

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Talking Points

  • The future of web design is a collection of small, niche tools.
  • For a more beautiful web, designers need more time for exploration and experimentation.
  • Teams deserve workflows and tools that help them work in concert, not in siloed stages.
  • Designers should be able to design in the browser and see how a site will perform for users without coding everything by hand.

Company Background

The Typecast® application was created by Front, a 14-person web strategy and design agency that was founded in 2000 and retired in autumn 2012.

Frustrated by conventional web design tools, in late 2010, we started fantasizing, scheming, sketching and prototyping a better way to work.

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Paul McKeever

“Our vision is simple. We believe that the web design process can be better; that typography matters; and that more of our time should be spent experimenting and designing with type, not on assembly, manual changes and rework.”

We were so passionate about the need for better design tools that we stopped working for clients to focus entirely on building this tool. We launched a beta in November 2011 and launched commercially on January 30th 2013. Read more about Our Story.

Key People

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Paul McKeever

Over 10 years of working on web projects has shown Paul the impact a smooth creative process has on producing great design. He does his bit by keeping work focused on customer and business needs, drilling down to the root problems hidden beneath the surface, and ensuring that everything we do creates real value on the web.

More about Our Team

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Jamie Neely
Creative Director

More than a decade ago, Jamie left lecturing to co-found Front with Paul. In 2010 he was recognised as Best Web Designer by the Institute of Designers in Ireland. Jamie also sits on the steering group of the Northern Ireland Design Alliance, doing his bit to foster tomorrow's designers.

More about Our Team

Images & Video

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Font List in Typecast® (screenshot)
Fonts Menu: Try out more than 23,000 typefaces on real content and watch your text change instantly with each selection.
Font weight in Typecast® (screenshot)
Weights Sub-menu: Try out all weights available with a typeface, giving you more options for creating contrast and finding the perfect fit.
The color palette in Typecast® (screenshot)
Color Palette: Set text and background colors using hue, saturation, brightness and alpha properties, or input hex values.
View and edit CSS in Typecast® (screenshot)
CSS Editor: View your project CSS with a click, start typing to make changes, and watch your project update in real time.
Publishing projects in Typecast® (screenshot)
Publish: Publish your project to share, preview and test your fonts and styles before you build font kits or prototypes.
The Style Guide in Typecast® (screenshot)
Style Guide: We'll keep track of every design decision you make and assemble your typographic style guide behind the scenes, offering you and your clients a detailed visual record or your fonts, colors and styles.

Team Images

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Watch our creative director Jamie show you how the Typecast® application can improve your design process.


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