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A Better, Simpler Menu

By Shelly Wilson on Monday 10th of September 2012

We’ve freshened up the main project toolbar.

After nearly a year of adding new features to Typecast, we thought our project interface was starting to look cluttered. So we’ve reorganised it to group related items, simplify the menu and make room for upcoming features. Here’s a quick update on where the stuff you’ve been using lives now.

Saving and exporting

Open, Save and Export Link
On the left we’ve grouped Open, Save & Export controls. Just below this you can access the background colour, the baseline grid, style guide, CSS and element insertion features.

Convenient sub-menus

New Open sub-menu
When you click Open, Save & Export, this new sub-menu will appear – allowing you to switch to other projects, create and access versions, download your CSS and HTML, and contact our support team.

Quick-draw templates

Templates sub-menu
From within your project you can start a blank project and switch to a recent one (just like before), but now you can also switch to a template without returning to the dashboard.

Access versions 5 seconds faster

New sub menu for project versions
View previous versions quicker through our simple list. No more lag time waiting for the preview image to load.

Adding containers and publishing your project

Publish and containers link locations
Publish now lives over on the right side of your toolbar. This link lets you share, preview and test your designs outside of Typecast by creating a live demo of your project.

Beneath the Publish link you can add new containers to your project. You’ll also see our new container icons. These replace our former container numbers, but you can still click on them to jump from one container to the other.

Hope these changes make your workspace feel a bit cleaner.

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