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A Prototype Is Worth 1,000 Meetings

on Monday 8th of July 2013

Building typography prototypes is like laying crumbs. They provide an early scent for art direction and photography to follow.

In June, our creative director Jamie was invited to speak at the Type Directors Club in NYC. In this 30 minute talk, he explains how and why type prototypes allow web designers to experiment more, waste less, and create something semantic and meaningful.

Hang in for the 10 minute Q&A at the end, where Jamie answers questions about:

  • why our agency took a year off to build our Typecast app;
  • how agile workflows differ on non-software projects;
  • the realities of designer-developer collaboration and what developers bring to design; and
  • whether tools for translating Photoshop to CSS make it a more viable online design tool.

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