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Design With MyFonts’ Rising Stars in Typecast

on Wednesday 13th of November 2013

Now you can design readable content that shines with every luminous typeface in the MyFonts marketplace

Seletion of MyFonts typefaces
Somebody pinch us! We’ve been dreaming about this since way back in beta – the day we’d be able to design with the MyFonts collection in Typecast. And it’s finally here!

80,000 MyFonts web fonts to work with

Today we added over 20,000 MyFonts typeface families to our app, giving you more than 80,000 fonts to explore. To try them out, just type the name of the face you want in your fonts menu and we’ll go grab it for you.

MyFonts in Typecast fonts menu

It’s sweet for Typecast users because MyFonts has one of the most diverse typeface collections available. You’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs at a price you can afford. And for long time MyFonts fans, now you can rigorously test faces from their library in detailed designs before you buy.

“Typecast feels like a natural way to work with type, says Kevin Woodward, MyFonts’ Director of E-commerce Development and Marketing. “It’s great for getting a feel for if a font is a good fit by trying out font pairings and setting real text. Now that all 80,000 MyFonts web fonts are available in Typecast, designers will be able to design with nearly any font in the world. As new web fonts are released on MyFonts, they’ll be added to Typecast so designers can keep their designs contemporary.”

Quality fonts and foundries to frolic through

The MyFonts marketplace is stocked with type from well known and respected foundries, including Mark Simonson, Exljbris, Rui Abreu, Fontfabric, HVD Fonts, Underware, ParaType, and Typejockeys. (So much awesomeness!!)

You can get your hands on classics like the Futura and Trade Gothic typefaces, and new favorites like the Adelle and Museo families. But what makes MyFonts really special is the fact that it also includes a cavalcade of show ponies you’ve probably never seen before, like Carrosserie, Narziss Text, and Niveau Grotesk (which we’re particularly fond of).

Their dedication to independent type designers has won them a lot of love from visual designers. According to their Vice President John Collins, nearly eight out of 10 of their bestselling fonts come from independents.

“We’re increasingly hearing customers say, “Hey, if you want something cutting edge, if you want something different, go to MyFonts. You’ll find the really cool stuff there.” And I think they like the fact that there is no arbiter. We review the fonts for technical requirements, but we don’t make any value judgment as to whether we think a design is great or lousy. That’s for our customers to decide, and I think they’ve come to appreciate the openness of our approach as much as the type designers do.”

Great selection to suit multi-formats

Because they sell desktop, web, mobile app, eBook, and server fonts, it’s easy to extend your brand and designs across media and platforms and deliver consistent, readable experiences no matter where customers see you. They even offer a discount when you buy multiple licence types together – like buy your web font and get the desktop license for 50% off.

So what are ya waiting for? Sign in now and get your hands on this month’s Rising Stars and all the other goodies in MyFonts.

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