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Edenspiekermann Talks Type, Branding & RWD

on Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Type is back, big time. And the design team behind Red Bull Music Academy Radio’s revamp and Ableton couldn’t be happier.

Confession time. We have a bit of a crush on Edenspiekermann. They’re one of our industry’s most forward-thinking digital agencies: They have a stellar pedigree in brand work, gave up the waterfall method ages ago in favor of agile development, design largely in code, and are ardent user advocates during projects (sometimes to the dismay of their clients). They were also one of the earliest adopters of web fonts (woot woot) and have been building responsive sites since 2010. Plus, their manifesto shouts confidently from their shopfront what many of us manage only to mutter under our breaths in meetings or after we’ve hung up the phone.

A while back we grabbed our cameras and crashed their Berlin office, where they shared their take on why type matters to branding and responsive design as well as why web design is finally on a par with graphic design. Here’s the video. Enjoy and share.

Type on Screen

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