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Happy Launch Day To Us!

By Shelly Wilson on Wednesday 30th of January 2013

Bye, bye beta. Hello world! We’re ready to make a splash.

Typecast's plans and pricing
Yes! We’ve finally done it. After 1½ years in private and public betas, we’re casting our floaties aside and leaving the kiddie pool to join those cool, big kids splashing in the deep end.

We’re really proud to be bringing the web design community a tool that helps teams save time and create better quality web typography. We still have a long list of ideas and upgrades to make the app even better, but we’re confident that it’s now ready to compete with the other commercial products out there. After all, if agencies like Happy Cog, Condé Nast, EdenSpiekermann and Threespot are finding it useful on their client work, we must be on the right track.

A bundled bargain of web font fabulousness

Going commercial means we’re no longer a free product. But there’s good news too! Now when you sign up for our Typecast™ design app, not only will you get a super-useful tool that helps you experiment effortlessly in the browser and build up detailed type systems in minutes, but you’ll also get a Standard® plan worth $10/month FREE. That’s 20,000 web fonts to use on your live sites! Choose timeless classics such as the Trade Gothic®, Avenir® and ITC Avant Garde Gothic® families as well as cutting-edge designs and hand-tuned fonts.

Easier font export

Even more exciting is how convenient our bundle makes project export. Because we set up your® plan, it’s linked to your Typecast™ account. (If you’re already with®, we can link to that account too). Whenever you design with their web fonts and are ready to start prototyping, our magic embed code will make life easy. Just tell us what domains you want those fonts to appear on. We’ll set them up for you, add them to your embed code, and® will serve them up. No muss, no fuss, and no repetitive gathering of fonts on their site. So you get web design goodness for designers, and a leg up at build for developers, all in one plan. 

Plans starting at just $29/month

You can pick from four subscription levels, each with monthly, yearly and tri-yearly billing options. Prices start at $29 per month for an individual plan. Plus, our 14-day free trial gives you a chance to try before you buy. Go on, come explore the app, get your hands dirty and see what it can do for you.

What about our other font providers?

While we can’t give away their fonts for free, like we are with®, you can still design with all of them in our app. That’s web fonts from the full Typekit®, Webtype® and Google® Web Fonts libraries, plus Fontdeck® typefaces all at your fingertips.

A word of thanks to our beta friends

Finally, we’d like to thank every one of the 20,000+ designers and developers who joined our beta over the past 18 months, gave it a proper bash, and shared their issues, concerns, and ideas with us. We were privileged to have such passionate and creative people using the app who cared enough to be honest about what was working for them, and what wasn’t. You helped us create a tool people value, and to honor that, we’ll keep working to make it even better for you.

We’re really excited to be able to share our Typecast™ design tool with the world and hope type lovers everywhere will give us a go.

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