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Introducing Take-Backsies and Do Overs

By Shelly Wilson on Thursday 31st of May 2012

Sometimes we change our minds faster than our fingers can move. That’s where ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ come in handy.

Now you can undo or redo any of your style changes. Just use the normal keyboard shortcuts you’re used to: Cmd/Ctrl+Z for undo and Cmd/Ctrl+Y (or Ctrl+Shift+Z) for redo.

It’s a modest improvement, but these little helpers will let you roll back decisions and toggle between choices for quick comparison. (“Does this look better with the 3 em margin or the 5 em?”) They’ll also keep you from having to go into your previous versions just to remember or see that text size or font you tried and saved a few seconds ago.

Styles only

Please note that right now you can only undo or redo style changes. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding the ability to undo other actions, like paste, keying, text deletion, etc.

Next time you’re in your project test it out. Change everything to Comic Sans and then quickly undo it before someone points and laughs. Dare ya :)

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