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Meet Our Newest Font Partner: Webtype

By Shelly Wilson on Monday 10th of December 2012

There’s a new kid on our playground with a big bag of tasty typefaces to share. Dig in!

Webtype fonts in Typecast's fonts menu

Great news. We’re thrilled to announce that we have a new friend – and it’s one who’s generous with their goodies. The wonderful Webtype, purveyor of tantalizing typefaces like Benton Sans, Interstate and Perpetua is now an official font partner of Typecast!

It’s easy to love Webtype because they offer consistently readable, beautiful typefaces for the web from foundries like Carter & Cone, The Font Bureau, Monotype and Okay Type. Just look at these stunners:

Salvo by ,

Salvo Sans and Salvo Serif are Webtype’s most extensive family, with 60 styles to choose from.

Type specimen of Tangier

Tangier is a Spencerian script designed for display. Its large x-height makes it a dream on screen.

Type specimen of Turnip

Turnip comes in 16 styles, including a special variation (Turnip RE) for use at small sizes.

We’ve already added 68 typeface families to the app, giving you 479 individual fonts to explore, and we’ll have the rest of the Webtype library in next week. To have a look, just open the fonts menu and click the Webtype filter.

Webtype in the wild

Founded as a collaboration between designers David Berlow, Sam Berlow, Roger Black and Petr van Blokland, Webtype focuses solely on typefaces for the screen and is known for the care they put into both designing type and selecting fonts for their collections.

Close up detail of The Daily Drop Cap site

The Daily Drop Cap uses Bulmer, Perpetua, and Perpetua Titling beautifully.

Their typefaces feature on the sites of those who know design and are passionate about type, like The Daily Drop Cap by lettering lovely Jessica Hische, AIGA, [email protected], and We Will Be Close by typeface designer Jesse Ragan.

Ford homepage with fonts from Webtype

Ford’s site features Antenna.

They’re also used by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Ford, Star Wars, and The Boston Globe.

Quality at all scales

Webtype’s exclusive focus on screen typography means you get crisp rendering on all displays and operating systems. And to help you make sure your type looks great, Webtype recommends a size range for each font on their site.

Letter anatomy from Reading Edge series
If it’s body fonts you need, definitely try out their super-useful Reading Edge series – a set of eight typefaces that have been specially designed for text at 9–14px. They offer suggestions on how to pair the typefaces with larger web fonts, and the series corresponds to existing typefaces in the Font Bureau’s print and web libraries to help you implement brand consistency across various media.

Turnip, a Reading Edge typeface from Webtype, selected in fonts menu

Turnip RE is one of eight Reading Edge typefaces you can experiment with in Typecast.

To make them easy to spot in the fonts menu, all Reading Edge typeface names end in ‘RE’ (for example Turnip RE).

Webtype also offers numerous large type series with multiple weights and widths so you can design rich reading experiences with great contrast using just one or two typefaces. All of these families give you at least 15 styles to work with:

  • Salvo Sans
  • Salvo Serif
  • Escrow
  • Interstate
  • Benton Modern Display
  • Rocky
  • Benton Sans
  • Antenna
  • Amplitude
  • Agenda
  • Alright Sans
  • Georgia Pro
  • Verdana Pro.

Try before you buy

Webtype lets you try their fonts on your site for free for 30 days, which is great (see, told you they were generous). But now that they’re also here in Typecast, you can pair, compare and test them quickly and conveniently before you even start your prototype – on real content, side-by-side and in the browser.

“Partnering with Typecast is a great way to extend our free service,” says Sam Berlow, General Manager of Webtype. “We’re really excited to give designers an even more flexible way to test our typefaces.”

We’re delighted to bring you these beautiful fonts from Webtype. It’s just one more reason to love using Typecast.

Sign in now and explore what Webtype has to offer.

Or if you don’t have a Typecast account yet, try it now. It’s free while in beta!

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