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Our First Award Nomination!

By Shelly Wilson on Thursday 4th of October 2012

It’s an honor just to be nominated. Now what to wear?

Irish Web Awards logo
Earlier this week Typecast was nominated for Best New Web Application/Service in the Irish Web Awards.

For nearly a year we’ve been working hard to make Typecast an app that designers enjoy using and that helps improve their design process, so we’re ecstatic that you liked the app enough to put its name forward. Thank you kind people!

But we’ve got stiff competition. We really like the look of these two new apps in our category:

  • City Hook, which helps you find the cheapest and most direct route from any airport to its city centre; and
  • Arbata Audioguides, a series of mp3 documentaries bringing Irish heritage sites to life with historical facts, music and sound effects that put you right in the period.

  • We can’t wait until November 1st to see how we do.

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