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Our First Contest Winners

By Shelly Wilson on Tuesday 20th of November 2012

The judges have spoken, and it’s time to congratulate the winners.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of our first-ever typography contest. We’re pleased that so many of you on the beta gave it a go. We received over 40 rebounds, giving the judges plenty to admire and explore. And man you didn’t make it easy on them! There were lots of really lovely designs. And just as exciting ... we got to discover and admire loads of web fonts, and so can you.

So without further ado, here are the winners!

Best Overall Design Awards

Congratulations go to Andrew Lohman, Andrew Austin, and Cole Henley for impressing our three prestigious judges with these beautiful designs.

Winner of Best Overall Design of Wilson Miner's quote

Andrew Lohman wins Best Overall for Wilson Miner’s quote. Nice, isn’t it? Andrew used Corner Store, Hellenic Wide and Prenton Condensed in his design. See his live design or congratulate him on Dribbble.

Winner of Best Overall Design of Liz Danzico's quote

Andrew Austin wins Best Overall for Liz Danzico’s quote. He used FF Yoga and FF Yoga Sans in this creation. See his live design and leave him a message on Dribbble.

Winner of Best Overall Design of Tim Brown's quote

Cole Henley wins Best Overall for Tim Brown’s quote. He opted for FF Dax, Kegger US, FF Prater Script and JBT Annabelle. Make sure to hover ‘resonate’ in his live version and give him a pat on the back on Dribbble.

Most Grinworthy

Well done to Jake Giltsoff for making us all smile with this clever rebound.
Winner of the Most Grinworthy Award

Jake combine Source Sans with Garamond. Check out the clever action on ‘type’ on his live version and add your kudos to his Dribbble thread.

Best Use of Color

The judges selected Katerina Skotalova’s rebound for this prize.
Winner of Best Use of Color Award

Katerina’s design features Acta Display and Acta Poster Swashes. Go see her live design and congratulate her on Dribbble.

How’d They Do That? Award

Well done to Mike Heys for impressing our judges with his CSS smarts.
Winner of How'd They Do That? Award

Mike went with LTC Bodoni 175, FF Meta Serif, Alternate Gothic No. 1, and Bello Pro. Check out his live design to see the CSS magic that won him the prize and send him a big ‘Well Done’ on Dribbble.

A big congratulations to all of our winners, and a huge thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to the fun. We’d also like to thank our three judges (Elliot Jay Stocks, Trent Walton, and Tim Brown) for volunteering their time and selecting our winners! Cheers fellas!

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