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By Shelly Wilson on Thursday 30th of August 2012

Now you can publish your project to a live URL for easy sharing of up-to-the-minute changes.

Even though Typecast lives in the browser and is super handy for accessing projects from anywhere, sometimes you need to share you projects with others. So we’ve added ‘Publish’ to make this easy.

Where to find the publish feature

‘Publish’ creates a live demo of your project on a URL within the Typecast domain. That’s all of your fonts, elements, text and visual properties exactly as they are in your project. Best of all, you don’t have to set up kits with the providers or build a working prototype. Not yet, that is. Just click and you’re live. This should make it a lot easier for you to:

  • share your typographic designs with clients for feedback and approval;
  • quickly test type rendering on different browsers without having to repeatedly sign in to your account; and
  • test your type on different operating systems plus devices that aren’t compatible with our app.

Just copy and forward the link. Here’s a project our designer Chris published this week:


Whenever you publish, the page will automatically open in a new window and its URL will remain linked to your project. So whenever you update your project in Typecast, the content of your demo page will update too.

We’ve added this feature because we know that sharing, previewing, and testing your typography is an essential part of the design and development process. However, we also believe that type designers and our partners deserve to be paid for their fonts. This is why all project demos display a Typecast badge and are limited to 50 views per month. Once you’ve tested your design and have client approval, be good, go build your kits and pay for what you use.

Sign in now to start sharing.

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