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Sweet Tweets

By Shelly Wilson on Monday 5th of November 2012

Tuesday was without a doubt our busiest Twitter day ever. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Thanks so much for the overwhelming support on Tuesday! As soon as we announced our acquisition by Monotype, your messages of congratulations and virtual high-fives started pouring in. We received over 500+ tweets, and boy did they help make a great day even more spectacular.

In honor of your support and general awesomeness, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites for special recognition.

Hands-down most hilarious congratulations post

Ok, it’s not strictly a tweet…more like a link in a tweet, but this award goes to @Buildconf, who posted this pic of our teammates Chuck and David.

Post from the Build organisers

Most heartwarming

Golly you’re a kind and generous bunch! Big hugs for sending us really sweet messages like these:

Tweet from Ivonne Karamoy
Tweet from Michael A
Tweet from Andre Luis
Tweet from Sam Kapila
Tweet from Kejia Zhu

Funniest tweets

Okay, so maybe there’s something wrong with us, but these just made us laugh out loud:

Tweet from James Basoo
Tweet from Tom Lloyd
Tweet from Andy McMillan

Best children’s literature reference

“I think I can. I think I can.”
Tweet from Stewart Ritchie

From industry friends

This year we’ve been lucky to have some really amazing designers and agencies using Typecast. Here are just a few of the congratulations they sent us on Tuesday:

Tweet from Kevin Sharon at Happy Cog
Tweet from Simon Collison
Tweet from Clearleft
Tweet from Scott Boms
Tweet from Jon Tan at Fontdeck
Tweet from Elliot Jay Stocks
Tweet from Sarah Parmenter

Of course there were many more wonderful well-wishes. So a big thanks to all of you who got in touch. We’re really grateful to everyone on our beta for your support and encouragement. <3

While it was great to take a day to celebrate, we’re already back at the grindstone making Typecast even better for you to work with!

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