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Turbo-Charged Containers for Quicker Comparison

By Shelly Wilson on Monday 4th of June 2012

If Typecast was a car, our container upgrades would be the nitrous oxide in the fuel line.

They’re going to speed up experimentation with type and help you reach better decisions faster.
Now duplicate and class containers in Typecast

Duplicate, class and repeat

The first of our improvements is the ability to duplicate containers. This copies and pastes all of a container’s text and styles in a new container. This is really useful for setting up different font combinations, but it’s also handy for looking at how copy and styles work across different devices. Just duplicate your containers then adjust their widths!

The second is container classes. Remember before how containers were connected? A style change in one created a style change in the other, and the only way to compare type was to create new elements (like h1.1). Well classes fix that.

Assigning Container 2 a class basically disconnects it from Container 1. This means that you can make changes to all of its elements, and Container 1’s elements will remain unchanged.

Duplicate your container, set classes and apply inheritance, and you’ll be comparing font combinations faster than ever before, anywhere! Come see!

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