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Typecast Becomes a Free Web Design Tool

Tuesday 16th December 2014


Come inside, everyone! Just in time for Christmas, we’re giving away the gift of web design and better web typography

Starting today, Typecast™ is a free web design tool. We always wanted our app to help make the web a more beautiful place, and the best way to do that is to open it up to everyone—everyone who cares about web typography and wants to work with web fonts, everyone who wants to design pages instead of pictures, every designer who wants to test rendering and responsive behaviors for themself before handover, not late into production. So it’s with a GIANT grin that we announce that we’re finally in a position to do so.

What comes free?

The app itself is not changing. You’ll still be able to work with over 100,000 web fonts from the, MyFonts, Typekit, Google, Webtype, Fontdeck and Monotype libraries all under one roof—setting and styling type, comparing fonts, and fine-tuning your type systems. You’ll still be able to prototype detailed pages using our simple visual controls. All about the RWD? You’ll still be able to add media queries, refine your designs for various breakpoints, and test those behaviors in the browser and on devices. And you’ll still be able to output your designs as CSS & HTML in order to hand your developers an itemized spec for build. All of our features will be available for free, and every font in our collection will be at your fingertips and free to use for design purposes.

Getting started

Typecast pricing page
Anyone can start an account, begin experimenting with type, and build detailed designs. In addition, we’ll automatically be bundling our free account with’s Free plan—which includes permissions to put 3,000 fonts from their web font library on live websites. Bigger bundles with more licensed web fonts, higher page views, and multiple seats are also available through & Membership by Monotype.

Already have a subscription? Let’s talk money.

Everyone with a current Typecast subscription will get an email from us by the end of this week explaining how your plan is changing. Basically, if you were on a Typecast-only plan, we’ll stop billing you.

If you had a Typecast + bundle before, we’ll be switching you to a plan so you can continue to use their fonts. You’ll still be able to sign in and use Typecast, you just won’t be billed for our service. Best of all, your new payments (via will be less than they are now.

What about old trials?

We’ve also reactivated all expired accounts, so if you tried Typecast a while back, you can now sign back in and pick up where you left off for free.

What about your existing projects & live web fonts?

Not to worry. If you’re already a Typecast customer, all your projects will remain untouched. If you had a team plan and shared projects with colleagues, you’ll still be able to see each other’s projects. If you used your complimentary account or our embed code to serve live web fonts to a public domain, we’ll make sure they’re not disrupted either.

Since we began Typecast in 2011, we’ve gone from a dinky prototype with three type controls to a tool that allows you to design fully responsive pages in the browser and set your web typography with fine-tuned precision. And while we still have a lot of growing up to do, it feels pretty great to be making Typecast accessible to all designers, from students just starting out to global agencies and publishing teams. We hope you’ll tell your friends and spread the word. A more beautiful web is yours for the making.
Typecast pricing page

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