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Typecast Makes the Top 20 of 2012

By Shelly Wilson on Wednesday 12th of December 2012

Wicked! Our little app is turning heads.

.Net Mag Top 20 Headline image

Everyone likes a little recognition for a job well done, so we were pretty pleased this afternoon to hear that we’ve been named in .Net Magazine’s 20 Best New Web Design and Development Tools of 2012. It’s terrific to read comments like this:

The interface is so intuitive you’ll be knocking out new page concepts in no time. There’s no doubt this is a great way to experiment with type on the web, and the results speak for themselves.

We genuinely believe that experimentation is essential to great web typography – whether you’re a type nut or a type novice. That process of exploration, comparison, and trial and error is vital and valuable because it builds awareness, understanding and expertise. Plus, it’s just fun.

Typecast editor and design controls panel
We’re proud that Typecast is helping designers do this quickly and easily right in the browser with real text.

2012 has been an exciting year and the app has improved so much thanks to the team’s hard work and lots of super-useful input from the designers who use it. So if we’re in the top 20, then all of you on our beta put us there, and we thank you!

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