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Typecast Wins Game Changer of the Year!

on Tuesday 4th of June 2013

What? This thing? Oh, that’s just our Game Changer of the Year Award from .Net!

The etched award from .Net
Last Friday morning, our captains Jamie and Paul flew over to London’s .Net Awards fully expecting to spend a great afternoon celebrating some of the best people and tools contributing to world of web design and development. Although we’d been nominated back in March, a meal, a few drinks, and lots of chat was the most we’d hoped for.

Jamie and Paul holding award

Jamie and Paul enjoying the early moments of victory.
Photo © Chris Armstrong

So it was a genuine shock to discover we’d won Game Changer of the Year. In fact, back in the office some of us thought it was a practical joke when we heard the news.

Typecast team message thread

We’re particularly chuffed because there were so many quality competitors in our category – worthy products that we really admire and respect, like Codepen, Node.js, Adobe Edge and our friends at Gridset.

We’d like, once again, to thank everyone who’s ever tried our design tool, emailed us with feedback, or given up their time to help us test new features. You keep us right and have helped make Typecast a wicked, award-winning product. And of course gracias to everyone who cast a vote for us. We’re very grateful.

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