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Versioning & More Colours For You

By Shelly Wilson on Tuesday 27th of March 2012

Just in time for the start of spring, Typecast blooms with two additions we think you’ll really enjoy.

The first is a new feature that loads of you have requested. The second is an upgrade we thought you’d find extremely useful and great fun to use.

Revision history

Typecast has always saved your work for you. But sometimes a change of heart or a client request means you need to review or roll back to a previous version of your design. So we’re really excited to give you the ability to save and view versions of your work! This should make it a lot easier to reconsider previous decisions and quickly revert to earlier drafts. Here are the ways your work can be saved:

  • Manual saves – You can purposely save a version of your project whenever you want by hitting ‘Save’ at the top of your screen.
  • Auto-saves – Typecast will also automatically create a version of your project every 15 minutes (unless you’ve made no changes during that period).
  • Closure saves – Like always, when you sign-out, Typecast will save that version for when you return. You don’t have to hit ‘Save’ unless you really want to.

To view a saved version, click ‘Previous Versions’ on the toolbar. This will open a pop-up where you’ll see each version listed numerically on the left.
Previously saved versions in Typecast

Those with a flag are the ones you’ve saved. Those with a clock icon are the auto-saves. Click on any version to preview it. If you’d like to replace the version you’ve been working on with the saved version you’re previewing, just hit ‘Update to this Version’ button. Your working version will be auto-saved and the version you selected will appear on your canvas. You can always change it back by repeating those steps.

An awesome HSB colour picker with alpha

When we built our original colour picker, we included 255 preset colours and the ability to specify a hex code. But you’re creative people. 255 colours can’t hold you. Your typography needs chromatic freedom! So we’ve made it better by adding more control and options.

In our new colour picker, we’ve replaced the presets with this advanced colour pallete.
The new HSBA colour picker in Typecast

Not only does this give you a wealth of choice, but you can also now adjust colour opacity with our alpha slider. You pick your colour, slide the alpha till you’re happy, and Typecast will generate the correct RGBA value for you.

We really hope these colour improvements and access to your design timeline make designing in Typecast easier and give you a greater sense of freedom and control.

Come log in now and try them out for yourself!

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