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Vote Typecast for ‘Game Changer of the Year’

on Thursday 7th of March 2013

Here’s your chance to tell the world that web typography matters!

Vote for Typecast at

New to Typecast? See what makes us awesome.

We’re stoked to be nominated for TWO awards in this year’s .Net Awards. And what great categories to be in.

Our Director Paul McKeever is up for New Entrepreneur of the Year, which recognizes folks who’ve had “a great business idea that has made an impact on the industry”, and Typecast is up for Game Changer of the Year, which gives props to the tools and projects that “really helped the industry and the community move forward”.

That’s exactly why we started Typecast, to make working with web fonts easier for everyone, improve the way we work as designers, and in turn, make the web a more beautiful place.

But these nominations are just the first hurdle. We can’t make the next cut unless you vote.

So get your finger out and Vote Now

And please Tweet the News to help us get more votes.

Remember, a vote for Typecast is a vote for putting type first!

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