As of January 1, 2018, we are no longer providing support for Typecast. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Monotype Acquires Design By Front LTD

Announcing the most exciting typographic pairing of 2012

  • Monotype Imaging

    The most experienced typography company in the world

  • +
  • Typecast

    A rising star in web typography

Together we're going to transform the way designers work with webfonts

Same teams Same great products Double the love of type

Good typography is essential for good web design

Monotype Imaging, My Fonts, Typecast®, & Skyfonts

This is the fundamental philosophy behind the our app, and a belief shared by Monotype

The past 125 years of publishing are covered in Monotype's fingerprints. From one of the first mechanical typesetters and our iconic typefaces to our imaging solutions for electronic devices, we have repeatedly combined design with technology to help the world communicate.

By welcoming the Typecast® product to our family, we continue this tradition and embark on a new chapter of creativity and innovation – one that focuses on serving creative markets by making web fonts easier to use.

By including the Typecast® application in our portfolio, we can now offer our customers one of the most useful and innovative web design tools available and support its growth to help it become the premier web typography solution.

About the Typecast® design tool

Our app was created to make the web a more beautiful, readable place. So it helps designers create better web typography with less hassle.

Featuring 23,000 fonts from Typekit,, Fontdeck & Google Fonts

See what our app is all about Try it now

A screen shot of Typecast® in action

Simple controls let visual designers create typography for the web on the web without writing code. See more screenshots.

Try, compare and style webfonts in seconds

Use visual controls to turn real project text into fully designed, web-ready type systems.

Produce hands-free HTML & CSS as you design

While you make things pretty, the browser creates code that matches every design decision.

Design web typography you can count on

Check for readability, rendering and beauty as you work, so there are no nasty surprises at production.

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The Typecast team from Northern Ireland joins the Monotype network

World map showing the locations of the Monotype network

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